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Learn Music Theory Faster, with a Proven Step-by Step System
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Learn all the fundamental music theory principles in small online group classes, with real teachers, in real time, in a fun and interactive way!

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Time saving accelerated learning techniques for students from age 6 and older,
that will empower you or your child with Music Theory Knowledge!
Adults, prospective composers, young or older music students, who are currently studying an instrument,
including voice, will greatly benefit from the courses that we offer.

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Top 5 Reasons Musicians need to Learn Music Theory…

Foundation – Fundamental building blocks of music for sight reading & ear training.
Collaboration – Speak, write & read the essential universal language of music.
Improvisation – Knowledge = Innovation | Composition – Creativity = Communication
Memorization – Develop effective analysis techniques to study the elements of music.
Standing Ovation – Excellence in Music Performance & Master Musicianship Skills are easy when you learn music theory.


Read some reviews we have received from parents and students

11 Year old’s Parents

For us as parents, it has been an amazing experience watching our daughter develop her musical abilities with the support of her music teacher, in whom we found all the characteristics we were looking for in a music teacher… She has an extraordinary ability to build caring relationships with her students and their parents, which facilitates the exchange of information. Her deep knowledge and passion for music make her online music lessons inspiring to learn from. Additionally, her excellent communication and listening skills make her understandable but at the same time engaging. She is an excellent music teacher with an admirable work ethic. She is always there for my daughter, and she is always willing to help her. 


As a mom and teacher, I am always amazed at how our children’s music teacher manages to make her online classes personal and effective. With questions, encouragement, directed practice and immediate feedback, she keeps her students engaged from the start of the lesson until the end. Thanks to her thorough, enthusiastic and encouraging instruction, our children love playing the piano, have a solid foundation in music theory and have scored high scores on their…music exams. We’re so grateful to have her as our teacher! 


Every week, I look forward to our piano online music lessons. My music teacher is such a great, caring, and patient teacher. She always remembers our birthdays and is quick to give praise or encouragement. She teaches in a pleasant and friendly way that is easy to understand. She is an amazing teacher!


Our teacher’s music instruction has always been invaluable to us. Her explanation of the theory work has helped to build a firm foundation for us, and I have found her teaching to be clear. She dealt patiently with us when we didn’t understand a concept, and simply helped us to overcome the problem. Our music teacher also helped us learn specific techniques, for example, she taught us the circle of fifths thoroughly, and this helped us to think clearly about scales. Overall, our teacher’s instruction has been clear and kind and has helped us to prepare well for exams and has built a strong musical foundation for us.

María Fernanda

My teacher is not just any music teacher. She is the best music teacher I have ever taken classes with. I have learned many things from her, such as music theory, proper playing techniques, scales, arpeggios, how to compose music, and so much more. She teaches me in a way that is very special because she establishes a special connection with me. Even though I take online lessons with her, it feels as if she is right there with me. Another thing that I love about my teacher is that she pays attention to all the details. She makes sure that you clearly understand all the subjects, and if you don’t, she takes the time to clarify all your doubts… All in all, she is really a true music teacher. She has gone above and beyond to teach me music!

Owen aged 10

My online music lessons are very fun and helpful. My music teacher is very good at explaining things that are hard to understand, such as a hard theory problem or a tricky piece. She also works well with dealing with small, bad, playing habits that are hard to change back. All this put together makes a great music teacher! 

Everything you need to know about the Rudiments of Music Theory.

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